Beekeeping Supplies

I have a range of items in stock and other items can be brought in to order. Suits and gloves can be tried on for size and there is a range of clothing for children, too.

Protective Clothing

Beekeepers’ suits, jackets and trousers, hats, veils, aprons, gauntlets, gaitors and gloves.

bees outside hive entrance

Hives and Hive Parts

National Hive

The most popular hive in the UK.

Commercial Hive

The Commercial hive has a larger brood box than the National hive and this makes it a popular choice in Essex and other areas where oilseed rape is grown and colonies build up quickly in the spring.

Deep National Hive

This hive is almost the same as a National hive, but with a deeper brood box. Like the Commercial hive, above, it is a popular choice in areas where colonies build up quickly in the spring.

WBC Hive

This traditional, double walled hive is often seen painted white and placed on the garden lawn.

Langstroth Hive

This is the most widely used hive in the world.

Smith Hive

This single-walled hive is almost unique to Scottish beekeeping.

Dadant Hive

An American style hive.

Hives and most hive parts come assembled and ready to use or flat.

Frames and foundation are available for the above hives. All frames and sheets of foundation are available in packs of 10.

Nucs for smaller colonies (national, deep national and commercial).

Varroa equipment and treatments.

Honey extractors (electric and manual) and tanks.

Uncapping equipment, including uncapping knives and forks.

Honey jars and cut comb containers.

Feed, including bee paste, bee syrup and pollen patties.

Feeders, including contact feeders, frame feeders, rapid plastic feeders and Ashforth feeders.

Smokers and smoker fuel.

Frame spacing, including plastic ends, spacers and runners.

Equipment for clearing supers, including porter bee escapes, diamond bee escapes and Canadian clearer boards.

bees outside hive entrance

Hive Tools

Equipment for hive manipulation including bee brushes, hive straps, frame rests and hive handles.

Tools for queen rearing and marking, including queen marking pens and queen cages.

'Honey For Sale' signs.

Honey labels.

Beekeeping gifts and books.